• My Process

    Cherish my team... deliver on time... exploit relationships between product strategy, business analysis and user experience design to translate great ideas into marketable solutions.

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  • My Career Roadmap

    From online education to real estate... from software to hardware... I bring in a track record of shipping and improving websites, applications and business processes for cool products and brands.

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  • My Dedication

    Be curious... study... research... crystalize business strategies into smart solutions and immediate value for customers... ship on schedule... help others do the same.

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Alexander Nizini (Alex Nizini) Career Site Image: Atlanta GA, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Denver CO, Frankfurt (GER), Hartfort CT, Houston TX, Indianapolis IN, Kingston MA, Lafayette LA, Minneapolis MN, Newport NY, Orlando FL, Queens NY, Raleigh NC, South Hampton MA, Tallahassee FL, Union City CA, Vancouver (CAN), Winnipeg (CAN)Cheers from Alexander Nizini – Creative Digital and Industrial Concept Specialist. If you are here, two things are true – you don’t know how to spell my name, and my SEO strategy isn’t too bad! At any rate, I am always in search of great ideas and nice people. My quest started over 15 years ago and resulted in the portfolio here. I work alone just fine, but I love being part of a team. Let’s discuss your next big idea: if I dig it, I will be eager to help even if you don’t pay well.

Alex Nizini’s Work Philosophy

Many great-looking products fail… in fact, most do. It is no accident. Nice people make a nice living, while smart people strategize their lives; similarly, pixel perfection alone doesn’t pay the bills – smart strategies do. Ask anyone who has written an endorsement or a review for me on LinkedIn for an example – there are many!

Alexander Nizini’s Career Snapshot

I enjoy learning and have never taken a single project or role that didn’t challenge me; in turn, my skillset today diverse and well-polished. I am not an inventor or a magic man: I am an entrepreneurial, creative, and disciplined specialist whose innovation translates into products that are marketable, great-looking, and profitable. Need more facts? I can talk for hours… better, give me a sample project, and I will work up and show you a manageable solution that you will like; or, let’s get together and search for ideas using a chalkboard, whiteboard or sand and sticks – anything works!

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