• My Process

    Cherish my team... deliver on time... exploit relationships between product strategy, business analysis and user experience design to translate great ideas into marketable solutions.

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  • My Career Roadmap

    From online education to real estate... from software to hardware... I bring in a track record of shipping and improving websites, applications and business processes for cool products and brands.

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  • My Dedication

    Be curious... study... research... crystalize business strategies into smart solutions and immediate value for customers... ship on schedule... help others do the same.

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Alexander Nizini’s Site Says: You Are Safe!

AlexanderNizini.com - Privacy and Security Policy - Alex NiziniHello! I’m Alexander Nizini (although you clearly don’t know how to spell my name, but that’s not a big deal!). I value the importance of safeguarding the private data you may share on this site by signing in and/or by interacting with the site’s content and/or by using your social network accounts to participate in discussions or to communicate with the site’s author. To protect your personal information, I promise to maintain the Privacy and Security Policy described here. If you ever feel I have failed to stick to this promise, please connect with me as soon as possible to let me know.

Got an Email from Alexander (Alex) Nizini? Need to Unsubscribe?

No worries! Alexander-Nizini.com is not a business. I made this site in order to stay connected to my colleagues, and I will never use your name to sell you things. If – on a rare occasion – I send you an email message that you would rather not receive, don’t mark my mail as spam! Instead, just click on the link at the bottom of the message you receive: it usually reads ‘address preferences’ or ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘delivery choices’. When you click the link, you will see a page with a confirmation that you will no longer receive email messages from me in the future.

Alexander Nizini’s Security and Privacy Guidelines

  1. Alex Nizini will never sell or share your email address and other information received from you with any third party.
  2. If Alex Nizini ever suspects that your information was in any way compromised, he will immediately notify you.
  3. Alex Nizini maintains security standards and methods which are believed to be as safe as today’s technology maximally permits assuming normal web use for similar purposes. Alexander will test these methods regularly on this website to ensure that your experience while visiting this site is safe, pleasant and productive.