• My Process

    Cherish my team... deliver on time... exploit relationships between product strategy, business analysis and user experience design to translate great ideas into marketable solutions.

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  • My Career Roadmap

    From online education to real estate... from software to hardware... I bring in a track record of shipping and improving websites, applications and business processes for cool products and brands.

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  • My Dedication

    Be curious... study... research... crystalize business strategies into smart solutions and immediate value for customers... ship on schedule... help others do the same.

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Cheers, friends! I am Alex Nizini (Alexander Nizini): I am happy to share my social links with you to help us stay in touch – from Alexander-Nizini.com (AlexanderNizini.com) to my LinkedIn and Twitter URL’s and everything in-between. Click them like there is no tomorrow! In other words, if you need Alexander Nizini’s social links, then have no fear – Alex is here!