• My Process

    Cherish my team... deliver on time... exploit relationships between product strategy, business analysis and user experience design to translate great ideas into marketable solutions.

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  • My Career Roadmap

    From online education to real estate... from software to hardware... I bring in a track record of shipping and improving websites, applications and business processes for cool products and brands.

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  • My Dedication

    Be curious... study... research... crystalize business strategies into smart solutions and immediate value for customers... ship on schedule... help others do the same.

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Alexander Nizini: Career Information (Alex Nizini)

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Alex Nizini: About This Name

Alexander Nizini (Alex Nizini) - Atlanta GA, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Denver CO, Frankfurt (GER), Hartfort CT, Houston TX, Indianapolis IN, Kingston MA, Lafayette LA, Minneapolis MN, Newport NY, Orlando FL, Queens NY, Raleigh NC, South Hampton MA, Tallahassee FL, Union City CA, Vancouver (CAN), Winnipeg (CAN)Searching for Alexander?! If you are here, you don’t know how to spell this name! The proper way to spell “Nizini” is without the letter ‘i’ in the middle; but because my last name means nothing in English (do I wish I was a Jones or a Smith!), it has been mutilated by banks, credit bureaus, phone services and internet providers – for many years. So, it is often spelled with this fancy and exotic Italian touch.

If you enjoy this linguistic blooper, cool! But you should know “Alex Nizini” is part-Bulgarian, part-Estonian, part-Ukrainian, part-Romanian and part-Czech… but not Italian. The good news is that you are here, and now you can go back to Google.com and search for the correct last name – N.I|Z-N*I, which – by the way – traces back to NlŻNl LHOTY – a small village in the Frýdek-Místek District, Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic. And if you like the Italian touch, knock yourself out and call me Nizini all day long… in fact, feel free to go to the “super-duper-official” “Nizini links” page on this site: there are still tons of social profiles with the “Alex Nizini” spelling because they help with SEO rankings. The strategy is clearly working, as you obviously succeeded at finding this page… Welcome!


Alexander Nizini: Future Path

Alexander Nizini (Alex Nizini) - holding hands in a square to imitate mobile device scren - welcome to Alexander-Nizini.comI work with people and products I love. So, I will never sign up to become a dead weight on your shoulders. And if I am impressed by your ideas and your products, I may work with you happily even if you can’t pay me well. Let’s get – and stay – in touch!